About Us

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Welcome to Swish Stxa community for anyone who believes that everyone should be allowed to express themselves equally.

Our unique range luxury home decor make it possible to let your walls speak for you, all while maintaining quality + style + being sustainably responsible. Who couldn’t use more optimism in their day? Our beautifully crafted and personalized designs are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face.  Give someone the gift of a smile today.  

We know that ethical shopping is important to our community, and we are committed to manufacturing ethical products with humane and fair work practices + reducing our environmental footprint + giving back to others in need. 


From the beginning, we wanted Swish Stx to be a community that paid it forward, championing the causes and brands that aligned with our values. Our products are about expression, but we wanted to be about action as well, that’s why we’re proud to be donating part of our annual profits to Diveheart, a non-profit charity close to our hearts.

Diveheart’s mission is to help children, adults, and veterans with disabilities “Imagine the Possibilities in their lives” by building “confidence, independence and self-esteem through scuba diving, scuba therapy and related activities.” Help someone redefine what's possible, find their voice, and smile today.  We donate a percentage from every purchase made on our site, but you can donate directly by going to www.diveheart.org.


  • To source and manufacture ethical products with humane and fair work practices – that means absolutely no sweatshops or child labor, ever. 
  • To create inclusive products no matter your size or gender. We believe in helping others find their voice and equally express themselves.  
  • To work sustainably and to keep finding more ways to do so. With our zero-waste policy we’re all about reducing our carbon footprint.
  • To provide durable quality products you’ll love, with fast worldwide shipping.
  • To pay it forward to our community and others in need.
  • And lastly, to provide 100% customer satisfaction.  Whether it’s an issue with your order, a concern about a product, or a general question, we’re always here to help.  


The octopus represents creativity, adaptability, strength and intelligence. It teaches you how to adapt to your existing conditions and develop the flexibility necessary to live your life.  Born and raised in America's Paradise (USVI), keeping our blue beach waters clear and clean is our top priority. Our goal is to bring awareness to the conservation of marine life and the importance of helping protect important marine habitats. 

Remember, big dreams start small. We're proud to live the small business experience every day, helping our community express themselves through fashion and find their voice. Thank you for shopping with us and supporting our cause!